Be Loved



Doesn’t even just reading the word conjure up a whole lot of something in you? Love calls to us. It reaches deep inside us to places that are sometimes covered in murk and weed and forget, but always there nonetheless. While maybe feeling new and uncomfortable, love never feels foreign. It feels more like…home.

Love resonates with our core because we were created to love, and to love deeply.

Though loving others is not a given–it is a choice. Thus, it involves us, as individuals, in two capacities: 1) our choice to gift it away; and 2) our openness to being its channel. A vessel to be filled to overflowing so that others may drink of the cup.

Because love is all about others. It is outward focused.

Have you ever thought, “I will be Love’s fool”? Not a question, not a statement made with an outcome attached, but rather a quiet surrender, a desire to serve. “I will be Love’s servant. I will do what Love asks of me without question or reservation”.

In the Bible, love is presented as a noun with very specific attributes: patience, openness and freedom, generosity, humility, quiet assurance, selflessness, calmness, forgiveness and mercy, rejoices in righteousness and truth; is steadfast throughout anything and everything, believes in and supports without reservation, hopes without reservation, endures all things. Does not fail. Period. Who does such a character sketch remind you of?

It reminds me of God…because it is God. Love is yet another of His names. It is our privilege to know Love, to be in intimate communion with Love. To aspire to love He who is Love.

And He calls to us, ‘beloved, come and be filled…’. Beloved.  BeLoved. Be loved. An invitation into His very nature. He calls us to be loved so that we can know love–know Him–and so be filled. Having experienced Love, we can then give it away to others. After all, we can’t give what we don’t first have.

On this day, to celebrate love, we give hearts. Red hearts. I believe the color symbolizes the sacrifice we are willing to make–blood, our life-force, our very aliveness–for the one we love. For Love.

My hope and prayer for us all: that we would choose to love generously and without reservation. That we would know Love. That we would whole-heartedly live as joyful servants of Love.

In celebration of all things love, Love, and lovely, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love 2

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